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Olle's Journal

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005
10:30 am - Boo! - Kitty!
Watched Monsters Inc. again. It's pretty good.

Summer is here, you can tell because of all the rain that seems to fall in the weekends.

Not sure what to do today. Need to be home because I have tests running at work all weekend. However they only need to be checked on a couple of times/day.
Maybe I should start some more tests, but then I'll have to be there every hour or so to check.
I know, time to brush up on my C++ skills. Of course, that's for work too. Well I better get used to it again. Now that this exam period is behind me it's probably back to 80 hour work weeks again.

Work work...

Oh, my sister said she wanted a car, didn't specify though. Need to find her a pimped out Volvo 740 from -85 or so. With fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror and "Elvis greatest" CD in the CD player, will have to disable the eject button on the CD player. (this kind of car would be what the swedish equivalent to rednecks use)

I have had a cold for the past month, why oh why wount you go away you %&¤#% coughing.

PS: The cat is snoring.

current mood: awake

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Thursday, January 27th, 2005
1:50 pm - wow
World of Warcraft.

Try it, you'll never want to play any other game again.

Oh well, back to sucking the soul out of my enemies with my warlock.

current mood: happy

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Monday, January 17th, 2005
10:27 pm - Where to go, what to do?
Something nice happened this weekend.

Damnit.. damn it all to hell.
Now I'll have to care.
I was doing such a good job of keeping myself hidden...

Nothing good can come of this.
"And blood tears I cried, and the scream remained inside" ... at least the music is fitting. When will I scream?

current mood: uncomfortable

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Saturday, June 14th, 2003
11:39 am - Enjoy!

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
9:55 pm - Long time no writing
So I eventually had my exams, did ok I think.

Next day I went on summer vacation. Haven't been much of a vacation though. Working like 10-12 hours each day. Although I try to use my flex time and play golf between 3 or 4 pm to 5 or 6 pm. My golf has been improving which is good. However swinging too much with that club has made my back hurt like crazy when I do it. It'll probably go away if I do it some more "No pain, no gain" right :)

Last weekend I was at the summerhouse helping my father put on some stuff on the roof of the sauna he (and I) is building there. Hopefully it'll be ready fairly soon. Just need to put the heating thingy in there and some walls (inner walls) and something to sit on. After that I'm inviting chicky things... At least I wish I would, I probably wount. There is of course a couple of nice girls working the cash register at the gasstation only 300-400 meters away (by boat! rowboat in my case since my parents think it's a waste to use something with a motor that distance) perhaps they would be interested.

Going to start going to the gym and start running again too, after this summer I'll be buff ;P or not, quite possibly buffer than I am at the moment anyway :) I might actually sign up for that 90 km XC skiing thing again... but I think I'll have to wait and see how my working out works first. Have to make sure I'll beat my fathers time by at least 5 minutes this time too :)

Well I guess that's that for now, questions or comments. You know what to do :)

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Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
5:23 pm - Cuuuute =)

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
2:27 pm - *GRIN*
I think you guys will enjoy this.


current mood: devious

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Sunday, January 26th, 2003
3:26 pm - Yummy yum.
So I happened to read madriseres entry about the swedish fish and for some reason I began craving for candy.

Anyway I went to the store and bought a bag of candy.

Here it is =)

> Click here for a very big version of the bag of sweets =)

Is there a swedish fish in there or is it some other kind of fish.

Got any other comments on my 1 pound bag of candy?

current mood: curious

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Friday, January 17th, 2003
1:05 am - Parents and computers
There is a dilemma. Parents and computers, you want the parents to be good enough with the computer to be able to send emails, write papers, pay bills via internet and so on without bothering you. While at the same time bad enough not to be able to use the computer for mischief.

However it is not only young people that are curious. When the parents are good enough not to bother you they'll soon begin to explore the things you can do with a computer on their own. You all know what happens next because we have all been in this situation "ok now I can use the computer as a tool, how can I have fun with it?".

So came the day when I talked to dad on the phone and he had picked up a new book, "Learn Photoshop in 24 hours". Great was my first thought he'll learn that and be able to have some fun with the computer. When I hung up however I had that feeling, you know the one I'm talking about the one where you know that somewhere down the line his newfound creativity is going to involve you.

Well I recieved a letter from my parents today, inside it was a nice christmas collage. You know pictures of grandma an the cousins and that sort of thing. After the first glance everything looked ok until my eye catches the words in top of my picture "Trendsetter of the year"

Well here is what this journal entry boils down too, my dads creativity.

PS. Why do I have a feeling this is just a first in a looong line of dads pranks =)

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, January 14th, 2003
5:38 pm - Woopdidoo
Well here I am, finally.

dcsjin has tried to get me on here for the longest time now, so if I stalk any cuties you'll know where to direct your complaints :)

Ooh well so many options and colors to try.

current mood: nerdy

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